Our story

First of all, we think it’s already very cool that you ended up on this page.

So you probably were looking for a new cool clothing brand. Or is it just because you like organic, good-quality clothes? Or maybe it’s a mix of all the previously mentioned things? Also if it has a completely different reason, welcome to our website!

Limited Collection

Pierre Maastricht is a merchandise shop with its own independent clothing brand established in 2021. We make unisex apparel (and other merchandise) with a local touch. We stand for exclusivity and above all originality. Only 50 items are made per new launch. The first launch, called “Us Sjoen Mestreech”, consists of a (limited edition) unisex t-shirt that comes in 2 colors. How nice would it be to own a piece of clothing that only 50 people wear?

Currently, we are busy with the design of the new edition. Curious about this new edition? Stay tuned!

Sustainability, quality and comfort

Our apparel is made from 100% organic cotton which is also GOTS certified. In addition, all clothing has the Oeko-Tex label. Better for your skin and your health. This means that no animal testing (PETA certification) is done for the development of the clothing and animals are not involved in the production process in any way. In combination with our water-based inks, you get a vegan end product! All garments are made of natural fibres, which are incomparably soft. Clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel good!